We are the official website for Signal 8-2 Club of Florida.  In order to become a member we require that  you are retired or an active member of the PAPD. We do ask that you support our organization through  participation in activities.
President: Andy Tarpey-----------------------------352-344-9313
Vice President East Coast:Ed Sosa---------352-527-9458
Vice President West Coast:Angelo Sparacia---  352-684-3648
Treasurer:Gary Gersitz-----------------------------352-746-0115               
Trustee:Walter Nolan--------------------------------352-344-8621
Trustee: Al Corradina-------------------------------352-746-4675
Sergeant At Arm:John Collins-----------------------410-961-7888

Essential Phone numbers:

PA Employee Benefits: 212-435-2870/  fax: 212-435-2871
United Health Care:  Toll free number-1-877-259-1391
Prescription drug Plan: 212-435-2864
PBA: NJ-201-871-2100//NY-212-947-3754//Fax-201-598-3511